City Crew is a new kind of firm.

We are design centered, creating innovative economic development strategies and creative ideas to help our clients identify trends, evolve in the marketplace and remain competitive. 

With over 10 years experience across the public, private and civic sector, we are diverse and adaptive. Each project, city and economic context is unique. So, we utilize our network of more than 300 global thought leaders to build custom-tailored, transdisciplinary teams for each project. 

Our forward-thinking strategies and experience working from the big scale down to the details are aimed unlocking value in the new economy. 

Above all, we are believe in a human-centered approach that uses design and investment to create a more livable and valuable urban environment for the next generation of urban dwellers.



Martin Barry


Martin is the strategic and creative director of City Crew. He is a landscape architect, and also is the Founder of reSITE, a nonprofit organization exchanging ideas for more livable, competitive and resilient cities, where he still serves as Chairman of the Board. 

At City Crew, he leads the team with strategy, urban design, creative direction, branding and client acquisition.

An adjunct professor at the Paris Sorbonne-University Abu Dhabi, Martin is creating development, urban design and branding strategies for cities, corporate entities and investors. Martin has led multidisciplinary teams on urban projects in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and his projects at W Architecture in NYC have received dozens of awards. He has worked on dozens of waterfront and riverfront projects, public spaces and large-scale master plans. 

He is a Fulbright Scholar, a Fellow with the Design Trust for Public Space and he was recently granted the President’s Award for Community Service from the American Society of Landscape Architects. His diverse experience encourages him to see projects through a long lens, from many angles, and at many scales from early-stage to the details essential in creating vital places. 

Lim Hui Ling Profile Photo landscape.jpeg

Hui Ling Lim

Director, Planning, Strategy & Government Relations

Ling is an urban planner and international cooperations consultant based in New York City. She is experienced in multi-stakeholder international projects involving corporate, nonprofit and government sectors of various levels across Europe, the Americas, Singapore and China.

As adjunct Senior Assistant Director at the Centre for Liveable Cities, she contributes to programmatic content and research on high-density cities. Most recently she negotiated on the United Nations’ milestone New Urban Agenda document.

Ling is former curator of the World Cities Summit and Mayors Forum, and has led partnerships with corporates, foundations and cities networks. She also implemented capacity building programs for high-level decision-makers and influencers. Prior to that she reviewed planning policy and urban design guidelines at the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore's national planning agency.

Ling is an Erasmus Mundus Scholar with Double Masters in International Cooperation and Urban Development and Development Economics, having studied at the University of Rome, TU Darmstadt, National University of Singapore and Sciences-Po, Paris.


Radka Ondrackova

Director, Communications and Cultural Assets

For more than 10 years, Radka has worked in communications, production and creative direction for leading culture brands in Prague. 

Radka is brings her experience to bear on brand creation and creative direction, working directly with Martin and Ling on city and project branding. Having worked extensively in culture and as a key member of the reSITE team, she understands how to utilize culture, events and brand to attract interest and create vital places. 

She is also the key to the Crew's communication channels, finding and helping realize media opportunities. She was head of production of the French Film Festival, organized by the French Embassy in Prague. From here she flew to the galaxy of the film distribution company, Aerofilms, and related cinemas Svetozor, Aero and Bio Oko and took care of the communications on the Metropolitan Opera and other alternative content broadcasts to cinema screens. In the meantime, she volunteered for the NGO Pro-Contact in Conakry, Guinee, and at the well-hidden but audacious Cuchifritos Gallery in New York City. In late 2015, Labyrint publishing released her first authored book for children "Zanzibar jak vysity" with hand-sewn illustrations. In addition to her role in City Crew, she is the Communications Director for reSITE, a leading nonprofit platform in Prague dedicated to improving the urban environment.



Anna Jezkova

Senior Advisor 

Anna brings over 10 years of experience as real estate developer and advisor to the team. Her career has been at the intersection of real estate development, urban planning and development advisory. 

As a partner with Atkins and Langford Development, a firm with more than 20 years of experience, Anna leads dozens of real estate projects in the Czech Republic and France with multi-national investors. At City Crew, Anna utilizes her position as a developer and property manager to provide advisory and economic analysis for the firm, much like her development projects have created value through thoughtful real estate investments. Anna is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Urbanism at Paris Sorbonne. Over the past few years, she has been been advising the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic preparing the housing policies for the period until 2020. Anna is an essential team member and the Vice-Chairwoman of the Board at reSITE, and a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the urban environment.